Thats me! (very old photo, sorry)

My name is Pascal Querner, I’m a webdeveloper and tech savvy. No, I cannot fix printers :P. I do like to game on my consoles and also on the PC. (I own a huge collection on Steam and some physical games for PSX to PS4 (PS5, looking at you next))

I’m a huge fan of Open Source and advocate it all the times, and try to contribute back as much as my time and knowledge allows. Often I lurk on StackOverflow and try to give back feedback and solutions.

On my spare time you can find me in online games. ;) -- Or I should say working on some private projects. :D If one of them is worth talking about you can find about it here first.

If you want to hire me, need a consultation or simply want to hang out and chat, feel free to drop me an email or ping me on the links below.

Thanks for reading!