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I made the switch (again) off of Windows to a Linux system. Previously (couple of years back, maybe Ubuntu 16 or 18, not entirely sure) I used Ubuntu Linux for a while (~1 year) but as I sometimes like to play video games it was somewhat of a hussle to get everything to work.

Which is why I moved back to Windows. Until now.

Gaming on my Steam Deck has been really great and the push into playing games on Linux is finally in a good enough shape to make the switch. Hopefully this time permanently.

Last time I was a Ubuntu user, but this time I want to stay on the more "up to date" side of things. So I've chosen an Arch based Linux system. While installing arch manually seems too much of a burdon (I tried a few times before doing it on bare metal in a virtual machine), I made the choice to use Endeavour OS.

The integrated installer made it really easy to let me chose my "default" packages (I would install anyway) and directly installing a desktop environment etc.

So here I am, once again part of the Linux world. :)

So far I am still using X11 since I am using a Nvidia graphics card and Wayland hasnt worked out soo good for me (yet?) on the 550 drivers. Lets hope the 555 drivers will make it possible to switch to Wayland.